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The Big Plan

Published on 14 August 2020 at 15:33

It is truly incredible what four minds and an appetite to stop music venues closing can achieve!

16th July 2020 the news broke out that “Manchester Venues Deaf Institute and Gorilla to Close Due to COVID-19,” this coming just hours after The Welly and The Polar Bear closures in Hull were also announced. To say this news was devastating is putting it lightly, and Piran Aston, Katie Macbeth, Niamh Pillinger and Eden Robinshaw decided they were going to do something about it – they were going to try and #saveourvenues.

With these venues holding a special place in a lot of our hearts – Deaf Institute was where I attended my first ever gig – support was going to be easy to come across, and so ‘The Big Plan’ was born. These venues are welded into the heart and soul of upcoming artists, so when the idea to create a compilation album to fundraise for the ‘Save the Venues’ campaign lots of artists were interested.

Featuring 53 of the UK’s brightest upcoming talents, including the likes of Courting, The Facades and Garden Party, you can pick this album up for only £5 with proceeds going towards the aforementioned ‘Save The Venues’ campaign.

There is also a raffle available to win a whole range of prizes kindly donated by many bands, including the likes of limited-edition vinyl’s, merchandise and much more.

The work put in by the four members has been extraordinary and we should all be grateful for the effort put in by ‘The Big Plan’ to help save these venues which we all love. Although Deaf Institute and Gorilla have since been saved by investors, the hundreds, if not thousands of other music venues still at danger due to Covid-19 and ‘The Big Plan’ is going to be a huge help to saving these venues.

However, unfortunately it can’t save every venue, and this is just the reality of the situation we are all dealing with in the world.  One victim has been The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool which has announced its closure despite being a true survivor in the music industry for 30 years. This has been the case for so many venues and not all will be saved, although we must do what we can whilst we can which is what ‘The Big Plan’ aims to do.

You can purchase the album below – out 14th August 2020.

Words: Dan Smith

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