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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Published on 1 February 2021 at 18:47

2020, you remember. The one where everyone did mad things like perfect TikTok dances, compete with binge eating and drinking, and completed Netflix. So, not all bad? This is my first attempt for the boys at Talk Tonight. Hopefully we do a film and TV forum, spark some debate, and strangers on the Internet tell me *why* I'm wrong, so get your comments in below!


For my first go, I want to talk about a film that crosses over into the musical territory; and that's 'Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga'.

Firstly, it's one of my favourite Will Ferrell films. I would argue to say it is actually one of his funniest, and best. Everything about it was perfect. The casting was fantastic, especially Pierce Brosnan, and his miserable, hateful, womanising father. The theme of the film entirely encaptured the glory and the absurdity of Eurovision. Last but not least, the soundtrack is absolutely outstanding. Songs which are would easily be smashed out by random countries like Malta, Andorra and Belgium. I still happily belt out numerous tracks off that play list.

As mad as the film is, it genuinely is so heartwarming, and fulfilling. Yes, I'm soft as sh*t, and God do I love an underdog story, and this is the overdog of underdogs. It follows the career of wannabe Eurovision contestant Lars Ericksson (Ferrell) and his singing partner Sigrit Ericksdottir (Rachel McAdam - who is excellent) and their fledgling musical career in the band Fire Saga. They seem like a joke, and no one takes them seriously. All Lars wants is Eurovision glory. They enter, in the hope of representing Iceland. I won't spoil how, but they obviously make it.

From then on, there is a journey of love, anger, revenge, betrayal and murder. Most importantly; a loser with a dream. You always route for Fire Saga, even throughout the drama. You also find yourself getting sucked in as if it were a Eurovision Song Contest. This may or may not be assisted by a splendid Graham Norton. You cry, cringe and hopelessly join in with drama of the songs, and the contest. Again, much like the real thing. The emotions you feel following the underdog on their trials and tribulations is marvellous.

Honestly, I think this is perhaps Ferrell's funniest and lost original movie since Anchorman (I'm an anomaly because I don't rate Step Brothers) and Ferrell, McAdam and Brosnan et al absolutely smash it in this fun, silly and pleasant viewing. It's not one for the family, there's some crude and dark undertones. It is however, a cracking drinking game film. It is cheesy, cringey and so predictable, but again, follows exactly in Eurovision DNA.

If you've seen this cracker, how do you rate it?

Rating: 5 stars
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Words: Rob Lee


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