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It's a Sin

Published on 3 February 2021 at 21:14

'It’s a Sin' is a five-part series comes from the brain of Russell T Davies who has directed shows such as Cucumber and Tofu. Aptly named after the Pet Shop Boys’ hit ‘It’s a Sin’, The series follows three young men Ritchie [Olly Alexander], Roscoe [Omari Douglas] and Colin [Callum Scott Howells] who all move to London in hopes of big dreams in the 1980s during the HIV/AIDS epidemic that took the lives of so many
young gay men. The series truly had me laughing, dancing, singing and crying – so many emotions packed into five hours of television.

I was so encapsulated by the series that I had to watch it twice because it was amazing – the acting was that outstanding. It approached the topic with decorum and grace. The frankness of the way it is approaching the AIDS epidemic comes from an honest and open place. This was so many people’s reality and I don’t think it dresses it up or romanticizes it at all. There are some really tender moments in the series that really put it all into perspective.

Everyone should definitely give it a watch. It makes you realize what these young people were going through and the pain and hurt so many young men were facing from the uncertainty and severity of the virus. It takes you on a real emotional journey with this group of friends and you truly fall in love with each of them.

There is some truly amazing acting throughout. Everyone who was in the show was amazing and the attention to detail doesn’t go unmissed. There is Lydia Bright depicts the lovely Jill Baxter who is the matriarch of the group of boys and is in fact based on a real-life woman who was Russell’s friend. Of course, I can’t forget to mention the fact that the show features Olly Alexander, who many may recognize as the Years & Years front man, who plays Ritchie who is a naive, young man with a monumental secret, who is ready to implode by the time he gets to London. A stand out performance for me comes from Omari Douglas who plays the fabulous and outspoken Roscoe. As well as up and coming talent the show also features some recognizable faces such as Neil Patrick Harris and Steven Fry.

This was honestly one of the best shows I have watched, EVER!

If you've seen 'It's a Sin' how did you find it?

Rating: 3 stars
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Words: Charlie Kempen

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