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New Release: Monza Express - Crying on the Radio

Published on 12 July 2020 at 14:23

'Crying on the Radio' could definitely be the sound of your summer!

Providing the listeners with a grizzly, rough sounding track, Monza Express have proved once more that they are one for the future. I was just scanning through my emails when I came across this track and I must say, I am very grateful to have received this as it is a great track.

Reminiscent of old school rock, this track is incredibly raw around the edges which I feel sets it apart from other releases we have had this week.

Ultimately this is a love song about a love which perhaps shouldn't be, with Kris Fraser stating, "the song is written from the perspective of a guy calling a radio show to win his girlfriend back, despite her being abusive." 

Despite these dark undertones of the lyrics, the instrumentals are relatively happy sounding, providing us with a similar guitar and bass hook which we would expect from The Strokes. 

With a singalong chorus and memorable lyrics, I can see why people have been raving over this song including myself!


Words by Dan Smith

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