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New Release: Teague - Come Round

Published on 17 July 2020 at 11:55

Inspired by 2000's pop punk and more modern trap rap, this song encapsulates how we all feel about lockdown. 

Teague comes back with his latest release 'Come Round.' The opening lyrics capture your attention immediately - "In this lockdown, feeling like I'm come down" is a feeling I am sure we have all felt at some point or another during the course of this time. The feeling of pointlessness, that you can't get out and that feeling of being trapped are all referenced within this song.

The overtones of the track are primarily negative, much like lockdown has been for many, and this is reinforced by the use of melancholic piano chords and licks.

Despite using the modern trap drum beat which wouldn't sound out of place on a Fettty Wap track, the song relies heavily on the lyrical prowess of Teague and he most certainly delivers.

Considering he only started improving his producing skills in lockdown, this song is absolutely fantastic. We can all relate to it, especially the line "I say I'm okay when I don't feel fine" which in my opinion sums up the mental health issues many of us have faced.

You can stream 'Come Round' below!

Words by Dan Smith

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