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Top 5 Tunes of the Week (17th July 2020)

Published on 17 July 2020 at 21:26

In this week's 'Tunes of the Week' we delve into 5 great tracks, all unique in their own way.

Third Lung – ‘Desire’

The title of this song ‘Desire’ is what it says on the tin. It begins with light flicks of the guitar, jumpy thumps of the drums building up towards a beautiful sounding voice which is authentic; shifting in tones and pitches it seems effortless and quite frankly I have a little bit of jealousy. The vocals twist itself in between the euphoric beats and pop tastic vibes become perfect for an arena show. Kings of Leon has nothing on these talented humans.

Cellos – ‘Wonderlust’

County Durham based band Cellos rise to the top of the new music radar with ‘Wonderlust’ this is taken from their debut album ‘Sea or Sky’. Being the first track from the seven-song long outfit, it gives off a sentimental vibe. Shining the spotlight on the vocals for a hot second: bold, perfect and flawless followed by small thumps of the drums, running up to a bigger bridge that screams soul-stirring. If Cellos had released this track in the noughties, Knebworth would be on the cards for these talented musicians.

Peak Band – ‘Pride’

Though they may hail from Yorkshire, they’re dominating the up and coming indie scene across the UK right now. Their swagger is second to none in their most recent release ‘Pride’, front man Stu’s vocals are passionate and natural. The addictive strums of the guitar are fascinating and compelling, you can peel every layer away from this track and hear each and every single part of it. For fans of Oasis and The Sex Pistols, this cool group of four are ones to watch.

The Station – ‘I Say Hello’

‘I Say Hello’ is a simplistic track that musters the courage to take all of its clothes off; it’s naked and stripped to the core. The erratic guitar strums and persistent, and repetitive echoing vocals are fun and energetic. You can hear every sound, tone and it’s vulnerable. With a hint of a 60’s swing tone to it, The Station prove they have heaps of other fun, bold tunes to come.

Featured Track of the Week

Michael Vickers - 'I'll Be There'

Leicester born singer Michael Vickers is known for his gut-wrenching, indie folk music that is often described as “captivating”: I would be lying if I said they were wrong. Vickers, in his most recent outfit ‘I’ll Be There’ encapsulates every single beautiful element that goes within, and he shows it off well. His raw, emotional lyricism and the soothing licks of the guitar riffs – caramel smooth melodies mould together to wind itself into the perfect rainy-day tune.

Words by Geo Blackman

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