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New Release: Mount Famine - Pulse

Published on 22 July 2020 at 18:03

If you need a reason to listen to new music, Mount Famine will give you the right one. 

Mount Famine's new track 'Pulse' is brimming to the seams with indie-pop infusions and The Killers like melodies. 

It starts with a distant drumbeat which slowly builds up, releasing this track into melancholic keyboard and synth based sounds. The vocals are hard hitting, brilliant, soft and warming - each tone suppressing the other; front man and vocalist, Martin makes a beeline to show off his talent throughout this track, accumulating some of the most stunning sounds.

Stunning lyrical qualities, which to me have a deeper meaning. 'Pulse' is destined for success and will become a big hit and a fan favourite for Mount Famine. The song ends beautifully, just like the way it starts. I throughly recommend checking them out. 

Words: Harry Collis 

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