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Top 5 Tunes of the Week (24th July)

Published on 24 July 2020 at 20:44

In this week's 'Tunes of the Week' we have five of the best upcoming artists to show off.

Hannah Moule & The Moulettes - Idiolect

Kicking off this week's 'Tunes of the Week' we have Hannah Moule & The Moulettes with their recent single 'Idiolect'. A unique sounding track with a vocal range similar to that of Lorde; it's a great opener for this week. The electronic vibe to this song make you want to get up on your feet and get the two-step going, making it the ideal track for Friday night.

Some Sprouts - Summer Daze

'Summer Daze' by German outfit Some Sprouts just screams happiness from the second the song starts. The lovely, light melodies, and serine vocals along with a soft synth and fast drum beat instantly have you hooked. I have not heard a song like this in so long, it's quite simply, a feel-good track which can lift a mood in an instant. Definitely one for your summer playlists.

Broken Bones Matilda - Everafter

Taking a slower turn now, Broken Bones Matilda hit us with 'Everafter'. The track starts off with some dark, grizzly guitar sounds - the type which wouldn't be misplaced in a Fleetwood Mac track. With a chorus reminiscent of Lana Del Rey's recent album, the story this song tells is of a young love and how it is often rushed, not having the chance to have a 'happily ever after'. A truly beautiful song by the Bath born duo and the 70's grunge rock influences are an ever-present in this track before ending the song with harmonies The Beach Boys would be proud of. 

The Shed Project - Lucky Number

The Shed Projects third single 'Lucky Number' is a throwback to the American Rock 'n' Roll which would be heard at the likes of Woodstock. The guitar riffs and relaxed sounding vocals are something to behold. An Eagles like track is ultimately going to be a fan favourite in the years to come.

Featured Track of the Week

Joe Smith - Unit 7

An artist you may not have heard of before, Joe Smith is sure to be lighting up stadiums in the years to come. With hard hitting vocals, Joe tells a story of love which has been lost. Lyrically, this song is magnificent. "You don't have to see my face again" is wailed above the soft acoustic guitar and piano. Joe told me he recorded the whole song in a loft conversion at his Dad's house which pays testament to this young mans ability.

As the song progresses, as does the tempo. The bridge of the song ensures the message is not missed by the audience, "come see the pain, come look in my eyes" is a lyric I am positive we can all relate too. That feeling of knowing the person you love is gone and as Joe states, "it's bad to hear that you're sat home all alone" when you know deep down, you should be there. 

You can hear all the tracks featured here on the video below.

Words by Dan Smith

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