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Top 5 Tunes of the Week (31st July)

Published on 2 August 2020 at 12:02

Andy Stern - 'I Don't Mean To'

‘I Don’t Mean To’ is the perfect coffee shop tune – imagine sitting next to the window, the world passing by with a flat white and this serene track is lightly playing in the background… it’s intentive and glimmering with peaceful tones, mellow beats and the caramel smooth vocals of Greg Blackman are crystal clear. Producer Nick Kozuch sure does know how to create an utterly flawless sounding song.

Greysha – 'Life Goes Fluently'

Greysha captures pure beauty within her music and her most recent single ‘Life Goes Fluently’ showcases this perfectly. With vocals similar to the likes of Florence + The Machine, this talented woman creates eerie, psychedelic sounds with an added pinch of acoustic, dreamy sounds. It’s a gut wrenching, relatable track that shows her complete devotion towards music and her feelings are transformed into magic.

Crystal Tides- 'Monday'

Hailing from the South Coast, Crystal Tides newest single ‘Monday’ is a bundle of energy. It consists of feel good, groovy beats, and catchy lyrics. It’s a dancefloor ready tune that is set for the indie nights at 42s in Manchester. It’s repetitive and rather addictive, but, it’s fun and masterful – they’re destined for success and many more years of boogying to come.

The B – Lyrical Kiss

Up and coming artist The B makes perfect heartbreak music – his latest release ‘Lyrical Kiss’ is destined for those Apple Music or Spotify ‘Sad’ playlists. But the vocals are peaceful and poised. And, the small licks of the acoustic guitar layered with some uplifting pushes of piano keys creates the most impeccable concoction to create a heartbreak tune. When it’s raining outside, be sure to stick this on.

Featured Track of the Week

Moonlight Parade – ‘If I Leave’

Taken from their EP ‘Paint The Sun’, Moonlight Parade’s song ‘If I Leave’ has a DIY aesthetic, it’s the perfect indie song. Even though it’s mellow and not like your usual upbeat, arena ready tuneage, there’s still many pleasant sounds – from the bangs of the drums, smooth strums of the guitar and layered vocals, there’s something relaxing about this lovely tune.

Words: Geo Blackman

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