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New Release: Third Lung - 'Nowhere Left to Hide'

Published on 7 August 2020 at 08:57

Four-piece Third Lung release their new single 'Nowhere Left to Hide' 

Group of four and hailing from Reading, Third Lung release their most exciting single as of yet with ‘Nowhere Left to Hide’, it starts mellow with flicks of the guitar and then pelting us into an arena-ready introduction that creates the perfect, springy riff. Lyrically, it explores themes surrounding society, the band said, “this track has never been more relevant.” The vocal ranges are versatile and different and somewhat a cross between Liam Fray and David Bowie.

The pitch throughout the bridge of this tune changes and moulds around the instrumentals as it builds up towards the end, it’s the ultimate feeling of being pelted forwards at 100mph.

The production of ‘Nowhere Left to Hide’ is soft and flawless which is slightly different compared to their DIY sounding tracks previously.

Third Lung are destined for success with their lively, perfectly themed tune that will be the one for the charts.

Words: Geo Blackman

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