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New Release: Ben Murphy - How are we doing on time

Published on 11 August 2020 at 17:36

If you’ve even seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory you should know the chocolate river, well I may have just found the voice as smooth as the surface of said river.

'How are we doing on time' is a beautifully written song by Benjamin Adair Murphy. It tells the story of a man trying to capture a seemingly impossible moment, you know those ones where everything is perfect and you just don’t want to leave. However as the song suggests, the moment cannot be captured because as always, life gets in the way.

The beat and warm mellow vocals on this track are what truly make it stand out for me. You have the low subtle beat of a campfire scene in an American tv series coupled with possibly one of the best underground voice I’ve heard it a very long time. 

There’s very few songs that make me this level of impression on me instantly, from the first chord my breath and anxiety was stolen by the beautifully put together piece of music.

Words: Sam Cooke

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