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Top 5 Tunes of the Week (14th August 2020)

Published on 16 August 2020 at 19:11

Joe T Johnson – ’10 Pounds’

Having performed at Glastonbury in 2019, Joe T Johnson embraces his calming aura with his highly anticipated single ’10 Pounds’. This Bristolian rides his own wave and sings about his own experiences growing up. “Welcome to England, where the towns are rough” he sings as a repetitive beat steps back lets Joe have his moment - with his ever so simple sounds, just him and his acoustic guitar taking the full spotlight. Johnson is a compelling artist who embraces the serenity of his own voice and mellow, 90’s brit-pop sounds.

Olsen Brothers Band – ‘LoveLife’

Growing up surrounded by music, and sleeping in guitar cases when they were kids, their career started from pure love for music and musical endeavors of being dragged out to bars and restaurants with their Dad. Their soulful voices are powerful in their new tune ‘LoveLife’ as each pitch is stunning and follows suit from each other. Distorted guitar sounds present themselves as the song turns around into an arcadian of soothing poignant sounds. Their versatility is unmatched.

Art Block – ‘Tear Drop’

After being highly successful with the likes of airplay from Amazing radio Art Block becomes more and more successful. Taken from his new EP ‘The Basement’, his latest single ‘Tear Drop’ is quite literally tear drop inducing. It’s sorrowful, tranquil and peaceful as the small sounds of the piano keeps it simple and mellow, Art Block has the perfect voice that is captivating as the small beat builds up and intertwines with small synth tones and then dips back out as it ends on a lush, smooth beat. It’s one for your Sunday hangover playlist, if you want a cry, that is.

Grace Bland – ‘Human’

Singer/songwriter Grace Bland has bathed in her own success since her debut single back in 2019. Being featured on Spotify’s ‘New Pop UK’ playlist and having airplay on BBC Radio Solent, her newest release ‘Human’ is a caramel smooth pop song that is bursting with passion and emotion. Miss Bland has a voice that is sensitive and humbling. Her folk and jazz influences are pivotal in the making of her tunes and it rubs off perfectly – it’s an enticing piece of art and, another one for the hangover playlist.

Featured Track of the Week

Joe Wright – ‘You Know I Know’

Self-taught guitarist and hailing from the Midlands, another rising artist Joe Wright and his debut single ‘You Know I Know’ is dripping with Liam Gallagher-Esque swagger and vocals. Bringing meaningful vocals to the table, shimmering flicks of the guitar and, perfectly scruffy drum beats, his influences of 90s brit-pop bands shine through and offer a new wave guitar music for this generation. The ever-growing scene in Birmingham and Coventry has a new addition and he’s bustling through with his perfectly raw music.

Words: Geo Blackman

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