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Top 5 Tunes of the Week (21st August 2020)

Published on 24 August 2020 at 12:09

Jimkarta – ‘Wait for You’

Los Angeles based band Jimkarta never shy away from experimenting with groovy hooks and anthemic beats and after revealing their most recent single ‘Wait for You’ they show off their best work yet. Their infectious sound is prominent and a fun, stand out track. After a two-and-a-half-year hiatus, the three piece write about watching a close friends relationship falling apart but, you wouldn’t think this with their happy beats that drips with slick, synth sounds and a hint of electronica.

The Feens – ‘Sunset’

The quartet have had some amazing recognitions and success prior to their new single ‘Sunset’, with airplay on Huw Stephens’ show on BBC and being played on popular TV shows such as ‘Made in Chelsea’, The Feens create the perfect summer tunes with happy vibes attached to it. The smooth production, jangly beats and flawless vocals create the perfect concoction, so, grab a can and just vibe to it!

Phil Ciarletta – ‘The Sesh’

It’s been a weird few months, Coronavirus, police brutality and the Australian fires and it all seems we need some positive energy to guide us through this tough year – Phil Ciarletta spins the negative into positive in his single ‘The Sesh’, as he describes this about a “now or never realisation”. The repetitive acoustic guitar sounds and his voice dripping brit-pop swagger and Gerry Cinnamon-esque, you can’t help but smile. He’s done exactly what he wanted to achieve with his new tune, and, we love him for it.

Black Bear Kiss – ‘Reach Up Higher’

Midlands based band Black Bear Kiss are fresh out of the studio with their latest release ‘Reach Up Higher’, with their upbeat, high energy tunes as their trademark, this release follows through with exactly who the band say they are. Expanding their sounds at times to the grunge and punk, their rock ‘n’ roll status on this delightfully gut punching tune reveals itself to be successful. The verses are relaxed before the chorus plunges you into a deep hole of distorted guitar licks. It’s a song perfect for the moshers!

Featured Track of the Week

Szou – ‘Utopia’

Manchester based producer and singer/songwriter Szou, this ultra-talented gal seems to have it all. Her newest tune ‘Utopia’ gains her pop-princess status as she creates some contemporary beats and a rather simple sounding song with euphoric, synth licks sprinkled like sugar icing on a cake. Her lyrics focus on channelling your inner self and that’s something we all need to hear from time to time. Szou is a wonder woman in the music field, she is a shining star with perfect ambient music to match.

You can listen to all the tracks below!

Words: Geo Blackman

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