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New Release: Tyreise Kymani - Sick Of It

Published on 25 August 2020 at 20:57

One thing you’ll never be when you listen to this track is sick of it... damn I’m good with wordplay!

But on a more serious note, 'Sick Of It' by Tyreise Kymani is less of a story and more of a palette, that is in the sense this is more of a amalgamations of converse and conflicting emotions rather than the linear story format a lot of artists will stick too. Don’t get me wrong there are elements of a story to this song I’m not disputing that, but the raw emotion overlaying that message, wow!

The beat of this track, as well as the pitch of the chorus in this one really help to offset the serious tone of the verses, which by the way are delivered in a flow which striking similarities of 'The Lonely Island' which is a personal highlight for me as I’ve always enjoyed their tracks and even their film.

When it comes to the lyrics, where do I even start? The lyrics really hit home on the artists feelings on politics and other issues within the world. The first verse contains a immediate call for people to wake up, to make sure we actually know what’s going on in the world. The scenarios brought forward will cause even the smallest hearted people among us to just have a gander see what’s going on and hopefully make a change, well that’s the plan anyway.

I can’t fault this track to be perfectly honest, for an artist so young (the bafflingly young 17) it’s clear he’s aware of major issues within society and trying to change them for the better.

You should definitely keep an eye on this boy -  the potential is evident in every note.

Words: Sam Cooke

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