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Top 5 Tunes of the Week (28th August 2020)

Published on 31 August 2020 at 20:05

HMS Sirens - 'Losing Touch'

Hard hitting guitars, booming drums and quality vocals, 'Losing Touch' is a grand example of how rock n' roll isn't dead. Showing off a similar sound to that of Guns n' Roses, the Manchester five piece are showing very promising signs. With almost 6000 streams on their tracks, an incredible feat for a band who has never even played live, the future is bright indeed.

Sam and Sounds - 'In Time, She's Mine'

This indie-pop summer anthem definitely has early 1975 vibes and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible, early 1975 was the best. The synths just put a smile on your face and so does the message of the song: chasing a girl and knowing that eventually, 'In Time, She's Mine.'

Ready Steady Die - 'Deep'

Just the album art alone creeps me out, in a positive way that is, as does the whole song. When I got sent the track is stated it is 'dark and very interesting music' and I don't think I could have put it any better myself. Ready Steady Die have a very unique sound, and 'Deep' pays testament to that.

Charles Connolly - 'You Tap and Unwrap Me' 

"The James Bond song that never was." 'You Tap and Unwrap Me' sounds like it could have been taken directly from the James Bond theme song, with it's dark themes and gentle vocals. Shockingly, all the vocals you hear are Charles himself, which definitely proves the talent this London raised artist has to offer.

Featured Track of the Week

Civic Green - 'There is Always a Light'

Traditional indie rock is back and better than ever with Civic Greens latest track 'There is Always a Light'. Reminiscent of Courteeners early work, the riffs that make you want to get your two-step on, this tune wouldn't go amiss in your local indie nightclub. Hailing from Yorkshire, you can definitely hear the influences of local bands such as Arctic Monkeys and the likes, however their is still an air of originality about this track which is why it is this weeks, featured track of the week!

Or you can check out all the songs here!

Words: Dan Smith

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