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New Release: The Exempt - Mirror Me/Fools

Published on 22 September 2020 at 21:33

Scottish outfit The Exempt have released 'Mirror Me' and 'Fools' which are even more impressive than their 2019 releases 'Pretty Faces' and 'Hurricane'!

The Exempt are a Scottish band from Dundee, formed in 2018. Consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Michael O’Rouke, drummer Andrew Balmer and bassist Sam Goodfellow. They released ‘Fools’ and ‘Mirror Me’ last week and have hit it off, reaching 1,000 streams on both tracks.

The lead vocalist, and guitarist, Michael O’Rouke adds shouty, loud, rocky vocals backed by heavy guitars and drums, which I can say are great to get your morning going. Out of the two my favourite has got to be ‘Mirror Me’ because it has got that classic sound to it that is reminiscent of Oasis and the Arctic Monkeys. This band has got great potential and could take Scottish rock to a new height.

You can enjoy 5:22 of pure joy below!

Words: Charlie Kempen

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