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New Release: Teague - Sometimes

Published on 1 October 2020 at 20:04

The infectious trap drums and electric riffs have allowed Teague to create his own genre of music - and I'm loving it!

Opening with the line "Sometimes, I find it hard to understand myself" had me instantly hooked and is a recurring theme with Teague's writing. 

In his last release 'Come Round' we had the same strong opening, something I will look forward to in future Teague releases. Being able to capture the attention and leave the listener begging for more is a talent in its self, and the Edinburgh based artist has encapulated this to no ends. 

This young mans vocal capabilities are above and beyond, you only have to take a look down his instagram feed (@teague_music) to appreciate this, but this track really shows the full extent of his talent. The melodic trap is catchy, enthralling and incredibly enjoyable to listen too.

An artist with so much potential, make sure you're following this man so you can say "I was there at the start" when Teague is absolutely massive!

Words: Dan Smith

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