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New Release: The Strifes - All Day and Night

Published on 2 October 2020 at 10:16

The Strifes are an upcoming three-piece indie band from Southampton. Taylor, Dom and Kai started as three best friends with a passion for music that formed a band for fun. However, within a few months, the band just made sense to them and now plans for future releases and live shows in 2021 are well in motion.

Their debut single All Day and Night', released today, is an upbeat indie song that has been produced very well, especially considering the band only formed back in May. It has that typical indie sound to it which we have all grown to love. The use of the guitar and bass sounds feature prominently. The rocking riffs and heavy drums are infectious.

This track has the classic indie sound, which Is what I love the most about it. The vocals are on point and I guitar sounds to the song are great. The music video that is also being released for the song also gives the old-school indie vibe, as it’s filmed as a live performance in a brick building.

You can find the song below!

Words: Kim Holder

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