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New Release: Joe T. Johnson - English Elegance

Published on 15 October 2020 at 18:22

'English Elegance' is the perfect title for the elegant new single from Joe T. Johnson.

As Joe states, "the tracks were recorded with a DIY, more organic approach" which can be heard in the rawness of the guitars throughout the track. Does this take away from the track at all? No, if anything it adds to it, giving it a old-school garage feel.

The indie-folk genre Joe is trying to master is rare to find in the modern era, but when done right is spectacular which is exactly what we have with 'English Elegance'. The way the verses are lyrically constructed, almost spoken word like, similar to how Jarvis Cocker performs is a joy to behold. The Beatles are a clear influence behind this track which can never be considered a bad thing.

'English Elegance' is a fantastic Autumn single which you can stream below!

Words: Dan Smith

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