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New Release: Emergent Minds - Venom (Wanted to Dance)

Published on 24 October 2020 at 18:57

I am not ashamed to admit ‘Venom’ is flowing through my entire body right now!

Ok it’s not actually but you knew it was coming when you read the title so who’s worse, me writing the awful jokes or you who secretly loves them and have to shake your head when you laugh? Anyway, despite my prowess with dad jokes there is something much more urgent and pressing on my mind, the rising of a new wave. I’ve been writing reviews for a little while now and honestly, I’ve never had a song like this come across my desk so to speak.

Bringing together a very heavy instrumental rich in guitar and an ever so perfect drumbeat, ‘Venom’ is an unbelievable little number with a rather unique sound in this era. The intro on this piece is an amazing build up that allows the listener to hang onto every single note like it was there last.

Then we have the vocals, oh my goodness these vocals. Vocals that inspire women all over, and men alike. The perfect embodiment of girl power, these vocals will make you forget about the struggles of this patriarchal society and hopefully, for those of us who are sadly still in this opinion, will lift women in peoples mind to the platform they deserve.

The story on this track is very apt for the vibe given out from the instrumental and the pitch of the vocals, a track focusing on a relationship, or rather the loss of one and the pain it causes. I would give more detail about this story, but I believe a this should be experienced not explained, so make sure you listen!

Overall I’m taken aback by how many levels this track has and the work they have managed to produce, definitely one to watch in the future so make sure you keep your ears free and your heart open, if you don’t it might burst from the emotion caused. 

Words: Sam Cooke

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