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New Release: RIPPERZ - Lost Souls

Published on 27 October 2020 at 18:00

'Lost Souls' is a beautifully built ballad perfect for those gloomy October nights!

With a lovely piano delicately joined by the occasional strum of a guitar, 'Lost Souls' is a perfectly constucted song which would bring goosebumps to the thickest of skin. With gorgeous vocal harmonies, the talent of RIPPERZ is clear to see. As RIPPERZ, aka Mike Longstaff states, he is influenced by the likes of Roy Orbison and The Beach Boys and these influences are an ever-present in the ballad.

This is one of those tracks that fits perfectly in the winter playlists. With a feel-good build towards the end of the track, you have to listen again and again! 

As a solo project, the vocal range and instrumental selection is spectacular. It is delicately simple, yet expansively complicated in parts, but when it all comes together it makes one thing... a beautiful song! As stated by Mike, the idea to "turn simple ideas and song structures into a relatable reality" has been met, and the relatable reality can be found below!

Words: Dan Smith

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