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New Release: Rosellas - Born Under a Cloud

Published on 29 October 2020 at 14:13

Manchester band Rosellas hit the nail on the head with their most recent single 'Born Under a Cloud'

With a Black Keys-esque drum beat, 'Born Under a Cloud' is a beautifully conducted hit from start to finish. With Manchester roots it is clear to hear where their influences lie, with a delicate blend of Stone Roses and Oasis shining through. 

With an old school vocal performance, reminiscent of Ian Brown in his heyday, this track is simply stunning. More than just a typical indie song, lyrically it is powerful, not to mention a stunning solo towards the back end of the track.

My favourite lyric is taken from the bridge of the song "undecided, you decide, who will keep you warm at night." I don't know why, I just enjoyed this lyric as it begins to bring in the chorus. 

When played live I can definitely see this one being a lighters in the air, swaying with your mates kind of track, especially in the arena's when Rosellas are inevitably massive!

One for the future, you can listen to 'Born Under a Cloud' below!

Words: Dan Smith

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