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New Release: Lovepet Horror - Mistic Vistic

Published on 3 November 2020 at 22:04

Lovepet Horror treat us to a lovely meloncholic hit, perfect for the dark winter nights.

Extroadinary use of acoustic guitar and violin take Lovepet Horror to a whole new level with his recent hit 'Mistic Vistic.' Despite only being 2:20 long, it is able to provide the listener with a lasting effect due to the lyrical prowess stated.

Inspiration has definitely been taken from the likes of Morrissey for this track, with the gloomy overtones and subtleness behind the chorus specifically standing out to me. Ultimately, this is just a nice song on the ears. It is soft, soothing and just generally lovely. 

The elegance of simplicity can sometimes overwhelm artists, but Lovepet Horror overwise known as Scott Clark has found the perfect blend!

You can stream 'Mistic Vistic' below.

Words: Dan Smith

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