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New Release: Sam Lambeth - When Love Ain't Enough

Published on 17 November 2020 at 12:59

The ancient question arises, what do you do in a relationship when love isn’t enough? You write a tune for the ages according to Sam Lambeth.

This song  is the first of a new line of solo music from the man affectionately known as “the male Taylor Swift” and brings with it the passion and ability that gained him that make shift crown. A man more accustomed to a group than a solo expedition, this particular piece is refined and delicate. This song truly spoke to me on a level of emotion only those closest to me have ever - quite a bold claim.

The story of this song is almost as good the song itself: a man struggling with his image as an artist, who did everything possible to distance himself from love songs... so he wrote a love song. 

Originally after Mr Lambeth wrote the track he had an idea in his head, nothing but vocals and guitar. This song was going to be his “I have a dream” (maybe not as historically significant but only time will tell) and the emotion clearly shown in the lyrics and vocals demonstrate the dream that lives in his heart. Now let’s take a minute to talk about these vocals, vocals that could be the cornerstone of any career. I really mean that, the vocal chords of this man could balance on water without leaving a ripple they’re so delicate, yet at the same time could cut through the thickest stone being so raw and tough with emotion.

Beautifully prepared acoustic guitar is the anchor of any good love song but this one in particular is really special. This guitar really reminds you how beautifully the instrument can be prepared, no note is unneeded, no sound is lost.

Honestly, I’d be lying if I said I weren’t still reeling from this one so unfortunately I’m going to have to end on a final thought; If the measure of an artist is the passion in the voice then Sam Lambeth is one of the biggest artists around right now. 

Words: Sam Cooke

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