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New Release: GabyK - Ain't Worth the Fight

Published on 20 November 2020 at 17:00

Fans of the alt-pop noughties will be huge fans of GabyK's recent track 'Ain't Worth the Fight'

With Lily Allen-esque vocals, GabyK's track 'Ain't Worth the Fight' is a catchy, upbeat, down to earth tune which is as catchy as it is uplifting. The alternative, acoustics of the track set it apart from modern day pop and the Birmingham artist has me hooked.

Ideally, a song's chorus will have you wanting more, making you want to listen over and over again and this song does exactly this. 'Ain't Worth the Fight' has a lovely bridge: "I don't ask for jewellery or flowers, I just need your attention for a couple of hours."

Ultimately, this is a lovely tune, providing us with a chilled vibe which will be perfect for those summer nights as the sun sets.

Words: Dan Smith

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