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New Release: Alex De Montis - Wild Honey

Published on 21 November 2020 at 16:30

Do you think that one day there will be just one too many stars in the sky? Well the Manchester music scene is on its way to helping you find out with another rising star here in the form of Alex De Montis with his unbelievable new single ‘Wild Honey’

This song doesn’t play by the rules and will definitely stick it to you as the name suggests. With an instrumental you wouldn’t find out of place in a Seth Rogan film, your senses are immediately barraged and forced into a sense of calming despite what challenges the day previous had held.

The vocals have a honey like smoothness with hints of the range available to it through out this track. This one might just be a lyrical time capsule just ready to burst open and release all the memories of yesterday once hidden from view. 

  Honestly I could write about this track for days and wouldn’t repeat the same point, everything from the production to the vocals, the instrumental and possibly most importantly, an artists personality, all manage to blow my mind with every sound graciously devoured by my ears time and time again but I fear my passion would bore most after a little while so I’ll leave this one here. Just remember the name Alex De Montis and you’ll be fine for music for a while  

Words: Dan Smith

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