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New Release: Ashley Stacey - Will the Presents Be Under the Tree?

Published on 24 November 2020 at 15:20

It's the run up to Christmas in what can only be described as the most memorable, unmemorable year of all time, but one thing which is memorable to me is discovering the artist named Ashley Stacey. The talented Londoner treated us to his fantastic album 'The Sun Still Shines on You' and has come back just in time to save Christmas with 'Will the Presents Be Under the Tree'.

If you've listened to Ashley's album (which I would highly recommend) you'll know he has a special talent for the slow burner songs. His voice fits perfectly with the meloncholic sound of a piano and laid back acoustic guitar, and this track is no exception. With use of Christmas bells, violins and a gorgeous sounding piano, this could well be the best Christmas song released in the past 5 years. Despite the song being slower and more chilled than your classic Christmas song, Ashley's writing style puts a great emphasis on lyrics and if you listen closely, you will fall in love with this song.

With a fantastic chorus, memorable and just downright lovely to listen to, this should be Christmas number one! As the song progresses, so does my love for it. Ending the song so strongly describing what he doesn't need, and that all he does need is you is a lovely sentiment and after this year, being with people for me, means more than any gift ever will.

Ashley has smashed it with 'Will the Presents Be Under the Tree' - stream it below and show it some love!

Check out our podcast with Ashley here!

Words: Dan Smith

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Megan Wyn
5 months ago

Love this tune!!! Love his album too , absolutely class