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New Release: BrunchBox - Dreaming

Published on 1 December 2020 at 18:18

The fantastic Sheffield three-piece has released 'Dreaming' and it is dreamy to say the least.

With vocals reminiscent of that of Dean Lewis, 'Dreaming' is a purely stunning song all the way through, the only flaud I can make is that it isn't longer!

Bringing indie-pop to life with uplifting guitar riffs, banging drums and lyrics you find yourself singing along too after the first listen, this is fantastic. For a first release since getting back together as a band, this is magical, makes you wonder why they ever split up in the first place.

For fans of The Night Cafe, Viola Beach and Circa Waves, you will be a fan of this track trust me. For me, the final minute is everything you want from a slow indie-pop ballad and honestly has me so excited to hear what BrunchBox will have next!

Words: Dan Smith

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