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New Release: Julia Jade - I’ll Be Your Christmas Tree

Published on 13 December 2020 at 11:01

With beautiful and elegant vocals, Julia Jade is an undiscovered artist just waiting to be elevated into the spotlight!

As just mentioned, the vocals on this track are spectacular! So comforting and lovely, which contests heavily with how the song opens! Discussing the year which we have all suffered through, the lyric describing Christmas epitomising this, "it isn't white, or magical or Merry." Yet the song provides us with hope that this Christmas will be one to remember.

I actually got quite emotional listening to this track. It made me wonder about who is my Christmas tree as crazy as that sounds, and although this year has been rubbish I did realise just how lucky I am to have loved ones around!

Who knew a song could be so powerful ay? "It's not what you thought it'd be, but at least we're together" is a lyric that hit home and pays testament to the amazing songwriter Julia is.

If you're looking for a mellow, chilled out just all round lovely new Christmas song this year, hit the play button below - you won't regret it!

Words: Dan Smith

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