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New Release: Hoodooleen - Little Jonny

Published on 14 December 2020 at 14:09

Wow, the vocals on this track are stunning!

After listening to this track, I am 100% convinced that 'Little Jonny' is going to help me today! 

As mentioned earlier, the vocals on this track are mouthwatering. The range found by singer Robert James Hudulin is spectacular and something which will take this young man very far!

As Robert put it himself, he is just one man with his piano but I'm so grateful it is, because this is amazing. The jazz like piano chords, but country like vocals, almost as if it's been taken straight out of a west-end show. It's as elegant as is it awesome and definitely a genre of music I haven't delved into that much, but if Hoodooleen release another track you best believe it's going in my playlists!

To really put into words how good this track is, I honestly had to check it wasn't Elton John in disguise! That's right, 'Little Jonny' is that good, and if you don't believe me, hit play below!

Words: Dan Smith

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