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New Release: Dirty Freud - Love in the Backwater

Published on 16 December 2020 at 13:23

A very unique style of electronic music is brought to us by Dirty Freud and his new track 'Love in the Backwater'.

Not just your generic electro-pop tune, 'Love in the Backwater' is incredibly unique in that I have never heard anything like it before. The production value of it is of such a high level that I was genuinely shocked at the small following Dirty Freud had, but I am certain this will grow if he carries on this path.

The title track of his 'Love in the Backwater' EP, I can see this track being a fan favourite in the grungy tech events I can picture this song being played. 

Not only is the song incredibly unique, showing off a range of talents including mesmerising vocals and the ability to emote instrumentation, the music video is visually intriguing and almost addictive as you can't take your eyes off of it. Check it out below!

Words: Dan Smith

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