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The Gabriels - Loose Canyon

Published on 25 January 2021 at 18:35

Nothing screams escapism like a blast from the past, and with The Gabriels you’ll find yourself being flung back to the swinging 60s in seconds!

This new band’s debut single ‘Loose Canyon’ could be a time capsule that contains some of the best features of the late 60s scene, starting with a keen songwriting duo. The story goes, Gudg (Vocals) and Fran (Bass) had been writing and soon compiled some songs together before they were joined by Leon (Guitar) and Stuart (Keys) who all shared a deep passion for “the 1960s Laurel canyon Scene”. Gudg explains how “it felt like anything could happen both socially and musically” at this point in history and as a band, with the backdrop of the chaotic 2020, they felt like more than ever that they needed to escape.

With a distinguishing twelve string electric guitar strumming away, and smooth harmonies serenading you through a catchy chorus, the song creates a great sense of nostalgia. The driving drums and melodic bass line help it feel like the kind of tune you would be blasting out your speakers, with your shades on, as you drive down the american highway.

Dressed to impress in their mod gear the music video brings the song home, reinforcing their message of escapism, with shots of vintage cars driving off into the distance.

This new single comes in anticipation of their debut album that is currently being recorded, and I hope that The Gabriels continue to draw influence from this iconic period in music history and produce some more nostalgic tunes that will capture the interest of any budding muso.

Words: Louis Upton-Wheeler (louis.jacobi)

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