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Honey Motel - Morning Affairs

Published on 29 January 2021 at 17:18

I first came across the Liverpudlian four-piece on the Lets Music Together podcast and their down to earth, laidback nature immediately impressed me. Then I got sent 'Morning Affairs' and I am now a huge Honey Motel fan!

The indie-pop quartet have hard hitting guitars, ruthless drumming and impeccable vocals all complimenting one another to create perfection. The way I have interpreted this song is that it is a tale of self-belief and narcissim blended together. The 'Morning Affair' of leaving a house on Sunday morning, and seeing yourself as the main character of your own movie. This is almost the soundtrack of your life.

I really got down to thinking during this song. It starts off discussing the "morning blues" but as the song gradually builds, it gets heavier and heavier. Much like that feeling on a night out as you gradually get more hammered. Towards the backend of the tremendous tune, "in the morning" is bellowed out by lead singer Matthew Walker, before ending on the same little riff the song started on, almost as if nothing ever happened. This is a feeling I believe most of us have in the morning. The "it's just another day" feeling and 'Morning Affairs' epitomises this. I can't wait to be screaming this out at a Honey Motel gig, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later!

Featuring in our Tunes of the Week podcast below, the future is bright for Honey Motel!

Words: Dan Smith (@whatdansaw)

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