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Cherry Bleach - Drown

Published on 9 February 2021 at 18:21

Emotions and deep thoughts are provoked to the point of drowning with Cherry Bleach’s new song

However not all drowning has to be a bad thing, such as the overwhelming joy this track spreads to my soul to the point I’m drowning in nothing but euphoria. I know that’s a big claim but there’s something about this track that resonates with me, sticks with me even when I’m finished listening. I’ve not been able to get enough of this track, honestly all the rust from my Spotify repeat button is definitely now gone! 

Like all good songs the vocals are top notch, every note hit within an inch of perfection and with passion inside. What else can you really ask for, you really are being treated spectacularly by Cherry Bleach here.  

Honestly, I’m struggling for words here. There’s so much I want to discuss but I cannot bring myself to type them. Alas I’m afraid I’ll have to leave this one here with only one word reverberates through every cell of my now blessed body, WOW!

Words: Sam Cooke

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