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Say Yes, Do Nothing - Lockdown

Published on 6 February 2021 at 15:00

Say Yes, Do Nothing are a North London based rock band. Their songs are Alt/country and Americana with a gritty and poetic feel to them, they often touch upon subjects such as homelessness, abortion, abuse and alcoholism. These are subjects that can be controversial, however, they resonate with many people, therefore making them relatable. The band is made up of David on vocals and guitar, Simon on bass and vocals and finally Dan on lead guitar and vocals.

'Lockdown' is a new release from the band. It is a song that has major rock song elements to it and is about humorous profiles of couples that are locked down together due to the current Covid-19 pandemic situation and how that leads them to be extremely codependent on their partner due to this.

You give me what I want now and were in lockdown” is a lyric from this song. This signifies someone fulfilling their partner's needs in ways that can range from attention to stability. These needs are tested further whilst couples are currently locked down together, This makes the song very relatable to a lot of people right now during this lockdown period and humorous context could make the situation feel lighthearted.

I think the song will be relatable for people during this time and will make the situation lighthearted. I like the guitar sounds within the song and very much present rock feel to it. The vocals are great and the song is a great listen.

 Overall, I recommend this track to anyone, especially if alt-rock is to your taste. I believe that this track will give Say Yes, Do Nothing a larger following, which is what they deserve, so go and give this track a listen.

Words: Kim Holder

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