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The Underclass - The One

Published on 7 February 2021 at 20:54

The Underclass are starting 2021 off with a bang with new single 'The One'

With a modern day britpop-esque sound, The Underclass are a band who have been on my radar for a while now and will most certainly be on the radars of fans and publications up and down the country.

The Stoke based band provide us with upbeat vibes, almost reminding me of the likes of The Jam and The Enemy at times in the rhythm and vocal capabilities, and have definitely provided us with a corker.

Ultimately, this is 'The One' which could send The Underclass flying into the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands, and this will undoubtedly be an unbelievable tune played live!

Words: Dan Smith (@whatdansaw)

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