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Loose Puppet - Living in a World Postponed

Published on 8 February 2021 at 18:31

Has there ever been a more relevant song title than 'Living in a World Postponed'?

London based Loose Puppet released their latest tune ‘Living in a World Postponed’; a track which is very relative to the times we are living in now. The single artwork depicts a face mask on the pavement, covered in leaves… a scene I’m sure many will have come across on their daily walks or on their way out of the supermarket... which unfortuantely is the most exciting thing going on in many of our lives! However, Loose Puppet have managed to spring some joy into us with their new track.

Lyrics such as “I’m making plans with my head in the sand as these days go on and on”, a reflection of the uncertainty of life during a pandemic, not knowing when things will return to normal but also wanting something to look forward to. The track is a melancholy sounding tune, with jingly guitars and deep vocals which complement each other perfectly. Their first release of 2021 and a fitting one at that; I look forward to following Loose Puppets journey and seeing what the rest of the year brings.


‘Living in a World Postponed’ is available now to stream on all platforms.

Words: Emily Robbins-Pugh (@sugarspunemily)

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