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Warrington Music - Swings and Waterslides

Published on 12 February 2021 at 10:25

Warrington Music teamed up with some of the best upcoming artists from Warrington including our very own sports host Liam Hillyer to produce this fitting tribute!

It features artists such as @theksofficial @jessicaluisemusic @lucybellmusicuk @alignersband @theavclubband and is produced by Viola Beach’s sound engineer @cal_bate

We've all heard the song and I know how great it is. Viola Beach had the potential to reach greatness, with their lives ending too soon but their legacy lives on with tributes like this and I have to say, it brought a little tear to my eye listening along. 5 years on from their death, sales and streaming revenue will be donated to several charities!

Imagine if they would have covered 'Call You Up,' I'd be bawling my eyes out!

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Words: Dan Smith

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