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TRACEY - Nothing New

Published on 25 February 2021 at 20:48

North-West London’s TRACEY hit the ground running with charmingly cynical debut single 'Nothing New'

TRACEY’s debut track 'Nothing New' has all the hallmarks of a lockdown single. Vocals recorded through the mic of Apple headphones, a hunt for the right adapters to record from various suburban bedrooms, the mixing of the track taking place remotely. Even the name itself seems resonant in these times. Yet, despite the trials and tribulations encountered in releasing the track, TRACEY have made an emphatic statement upon their entry onto the London music scene.

The four-piece have been gigging and rehearsing for a number of years, drawing influences from Jimi Hendrix to Fontaines DC. Whilst there is no thick (arguably incomprehensible) Dublin accent, TRACEY share the honesty and charming cynicism that youth seems to harbour perfectly. The track is a cacophony of innocent frustration, both musically and lyrically, guaranteed to put a swagger in your step. Built around a bouncy bassline with grungy rhythm guitar, It seems like a track perfectly crafted for teens to throw themselves at each other to.

However, the single has more layers than this. It is not just a mosh pit stimulator produced by yet another sixth form band, fed up with a Tory government and society as whole, who buy a second-hand pedal board and download Garageband. No, instead TRACEY have managed to hone a sophisticated and distinctive style. The breakdown in the bridge is evidence of this, showing both real musicianship and real potential.

With a couple of gigs and now a riotously eclectic single under their belt, TRACEY have developed a strong platform to grow from strength-to-strength. If the four-piece can continue to galvanise their teenage angst into a sophisticated sound, imagine what the band could do in a studio, not reliant on adaptors and apple mics.

Words by Tom Farmer: @tomfarmer5000 @TomFarmerJourno

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