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Szou - Rose-Tinted

Published on 12 March 2021 at 21:25

Szou is a Manchester-based pop artist. Originally from West-Sussex, Szou moved to Manchester, Where she came to find the inspiration for her music from the vibrant city. Szou describes her music as deep pop that makes you dance. The lyrics of her songs are a unique take on life and the universe as we know it.

'Rose-Tinted' is the new release from Szou. It is a track that was written in the summer of 2020 when coronavirus was made apparent that it was here to stay for a long while. It is a love song to her friends that she has missed during the pandemic and longing for normality again. The pandemic has made her appreciate her friends more and this song is about feeling nostalgic for all the good times that they have shared. It is a dance-pop track, that has a funky beat and will get you up and dancing.

I will give anything, To do what we once didare lyrics from this song. These lyrics reiterate how much she misses spending time with her friends and creating memories with them how she once did before the pandemic. This is extremely relatable for a lot of people during this current climate and is a song that I feel a lot of people will resonate with.

Overall, I highly recommend this track to anyone that’s a fan of pop music such as artists like Sigma. It is a song that I am adding to my playlist and will keep up my spirits during this last stretch of lockdown. So go and give this brilliant track a listen.

Words: Kim Holder

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