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Jace Campbell - History is History

Published on 15 March 2021 at 09:07

Fresh off his debut single 'Lost' and an appearance on the most recent Talk Tonight video (linked below), Jace has hit a new height with his new single 'History is History'

To reiterate my messsage in our first review of Jace Campbell, the Salford lad is only 17. He has so much space for development and to grow with is genuinely so exciting considering the level he is already performing at.

Reviving the Manchester Britpop scene, along with a hint of The Smiths, with fast paced guitars and nasally vocals, 'History is History' shows the lyrical prowess already possessed by the young man. 

This song is sure to have people up and dancing when we finally get back to watching live shows, due to its catchy nature. Ultimately, this is just a delightful listen and I would encourage you to start following Jace now, as he will be one you can brag to your mates about being their from the start when he is undoubtedly selling out Heaton Park.

Words: Dan Smith

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