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Velocity Falls - Finest Hours

Published on 16 March 2021 at 20:45

The debut single under the name Velocity Falls, released on the 5 th March is the perfect mix of classic indie rock and the 90s music scene. ‘Finest Hours’ instantly grabs a listener as an upbeat and catchy tune that always makes you feel good. A test for myself when listening to a new track is whether it would be good to drive to, this is one of those. I picture a warm summer day, windows open blasting out the lyrics to this song.

Vocally, it has a nice harmony of the lead vocal and almost group chant in the back, it makes instantly for a song you want to sing along to. Lyrically, simple, but in a way that’s what grabs me. I find the words sincere and uplifting, but not in a way that becomes cheesy. It brings a certain nostalgia that reminds me of the likes of James and Shed Seven in particular. It combines an easy listening melody with clever guitar riffs subtly hidden.

The building opening and powerful backing provided by the drums is something that pulls this song nicely together. Certainly a song that is almost always enjoyable and provides that 90's indie taste we all need from now and then. It’s fair to say the making of this tune was one of Velocity Falls’ ‘Finest Hours’.

Words: Ben Curry

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