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Lily Forte - Loose Fitting Levi's

Published on 22 March 2021 at 18:15

Hailing from Southern Florida, Lily Forte has been writing music from her bedroom since the age of 12. Now 19 she is blossoming onto the music scene with her youthful and genuine song writing ability.

Loose Fitting Levi’s is her third official single, following on from Red Truck Joyride and I Was Wearing Green, which both have been very well received. The song is a fresh faced look at young love and the heartbreak felt trying to get what you truly desire. The highlight in Lily’s music is her heartfelt and true songwriting, and paired with her stripped back instrumentals her music gives you a dream-like feeling; As if you’re swimming through her day dreams.

A really wonderful release from Lily, we can be assured that she is going places with these fantastic tunes. She’s certainly one to watch, and if you haven’t heard her music before, Loose Fitting Levi’s is the perfect place for you to start.

Words: Ben Mills

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