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The A.V Club - Mistakes

Published on 23 March 2021 at 18:30

I’ve listened to this track more times than I care to admit but at no point, not once, have I ever listened to it and not been able to notice another perfectly placed feature I hadn’t previously. 

The word mistake is most commonly used to describe a retrospective feeling of regret toward a particular action, this in itself has already given the track an unmistakable irony because this track may be one looked back on as a cornerstone of a career rather than an early release by a band with huge potential. Everything in this track is flawlessly placed, from the 80s style vibe curated from the instrumental to the uplifting feeling of being able to accomplish anything from nothing more than the sound of the vocals, making this truly a benchmark for all music to come from here on out this year.

The story in the track is one we all know, not wanting to make the same 'mistakes'. How many of us have done something we regret, lost a partner and wanted them back? I imagine the vast majority of listeners can have their heart strings plucked by this gem. The word choice throughout and the strength of the vocals alone is enough to have this immediately added to all playlists!

This is coupled with the electric feeling generated by the band. Every note hit sending a wave of energy through your ears and directly into your heart making you question your own life and wether these mistakes are present as well. Such an upbeat rhythm can be quite disarming in this particular subsection of music however amazing work has been done here to ensure the beat and the vocals are both expertly curated to create the perfect atmosphere for our emotions to take over when we listen.


The A.V club have once again done amazing work and proven once more why they deserve to be higher up on people’s playlist, so I have just a single question. What are you waiting for? 

Words: Sam Cooke

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