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Giant and the Georges - Sunflower Girl

Published on 5 April 2021 at 20:02

Giant and the George’s - Sunflower Girl


Release Date - 26th March 2021

Words - Sam Cooke

First impressions are everything in the music industry, those first 5 seconds have to be the most impressive and catchy of the entire track often times and this track captures that beautifully.

Bringing to life that feeling of the warm sun on your face as you sip an ice cold drink, this particular gem might just be our beacon in the dark a lot of us have being wishing for. With nothing but summer and a return to normal life on the horizon, is there really anything else you could want apart from an anthem for the ages? Especially with vocals as delicate as these it’s almost a sin to make any noise during a listen of this track as each one throws off the delicate ecosystem built within the narrative. 

I’ll be completely honest, after Ashley Stacey hit us with ‘The Sun Still Shines On You’ Id almost lost faith in another artist being able to move me to such euphoria with a single track, yet once again like I have time and time again on here I’m been proven wrong. Sunflower Girl’ is a true jewel in any artists crown of success and I’ll be the first to hold up my hands and say I misjudged. 

It’s hard to put into words the sheer excitement this track gives me for Giant And The George’s so I’ll just use one... WOW!

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