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Lovepet Horror - Pattern Report

Published on 26 March 2021 at 21:16




This slow-paced, acoustic number mixed with the orchestral quartet pulled at my heart strings, giving me literal goosebumps.

Bristol singer/songwriter Scott Clark, who makes up all the components of Lovepet Horror, noted that he is inspired by the songwriting of The Beatles and the satire of Morrissey/The Smiths. This is something I originally considered when listening to his recent release 'Pattern Report', which unearths an eerie amount of themes throughout. 

One message which stoodout to me, in regards to social media, was the lyric "I'd like to know who you are, and what's your motivation's could be". A message I'm sure we have all wondered, especially in this crazy world in which anonimity on social media is more rife than ever, and the feeling that you never truly know what is oging on behind the other end of a screen. Although not relevant to the song, the recent Channel 4 series 'The Circle' shows this perfectly, of how two-faced one individual can be on social media.

The somber nature behind the lyrics and the musical elements provide a meloncholic background for Lovepet Horror to distile his woes upon, but my god does it sound good. The vocals blend perfectly alongside the violins and acoustic guitar, providing a benchmark Scott himself may struggle to keep up with.

An absoluetly beautiful song which deserves all the love in the world!

Words: Dan Smith

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