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Rival Shadows - Killing Floor

Published on 30 March 2021 at 18:51

Rival Shadows – Killing Floor
Released - 26th March 2021

‘Killing Floor’ is the latest single by Rival Shadows, a new experimental project created by Lancaster native Liam Kohlar, created after his departure from his last band.

The influence for Rival Shadows is drawn from the likes of Radiohead, Bombay Bicycle Club and The National to create alt-rock songs such as 'Killing Floor'.

Killing floor covers, in the artists own words “a theme prevalent in most of my song writing – wrestling back control in the face of anxiety, and often my own madness. It also tells of the effects that battle has on somebody close to you”. Beginning with drums and percussion which are supportive throughout it melts into a catchy guitar riff which is then replaced with lyrics which glide over the music.

The percussion throughout provides a background to the main riff which adds depth across the song and melts nicely into the lyrics. It fades to reverberating and repetitive lyrics within the chorus before reaching a calming close finalised with a bang.

Make sure you check out 'Killing Floor' along with Rival Shadow's debut single 'Breathe' below

Words: Fern Ritchie

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