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Jackson Lucitt - Text Back Blues

Published on 4 April 2021 at 18:54

Jackson Lucitt - Text Back Blues


Release Date - April 2nd 2021

Words: Harry Collis

Jackson Lucitt, a singer-songwriter from Wales, has released his debut single 'Text Back Blues', a lovely folk/country little number, and boy, we do need more of these. I feel the that genre is growing rapdily and Jackson really excells here.

Starting with a beautifully orchestrated guitar, in comes Jackson's strong, husky vocals. Every instrument is well executed, the bass, drums, excellant. All flowing perfectly together, personally, i'm very excited by Jackson's future, in my eyes, it's very bright indeed. This is one song I'd love to hear live.

In my eyes it's important for music to make you feel something, whatever that may be. For me, this song really makes me want to get up and dance. I also get visions of it being played as an intro song over a movie. I

In summary, we should all be excited that we've got a bright up and coming artist like Jackson amongst us. 'Text Back Blues' is uplifiting, motivating, and what more can you want? As I previously stated i'm excited for what the future holds for Jackson.

Put a smile on your face and have a listen below!

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