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MRP - I Can't Love

Published on 7 April 2021 at 17:56

MRP - I Can't Love


Release Date - 2nd April 2021

Words - Kim Holder

Morgan Powell aka MRP is a 23-year-old Bristol-based electronic music producer. He decided to start experimenting with music production back in March last year and since then he has absolutely fallen in love with producing and finds the ability to get his emotions across via music. He has had two tracks that have been played on the BBC and with this latest track, it will be his third that will have been played on national radio!

'I Can’t Love' is a new release from MRP. It is a track that is about his inability to be in a relationship, the song to him is uplifting but at the same time, it is still about yearning for love. For me it makes me think of some of my past relationships and how difficult they can be at times. I love the beats used and think it would be a great song to go on a long night drive to.

'I Can’t Love' reiterates the whole topic of the song of not being able to love anyone. It’s a topic I feel would be relatable for many people and could be an especially relevant topic during Covid. With people being in a lockdown, it will have knocked peoples confidence with finding love and has encouraged some people to be more

I think that this track is an absolute tune. It is great for having those long late-night drives for clearing your head and making you feel relaxed. It’s also a song that makes me excited for clubs to reopen as I could definitely imagine it being played somewhere like that. It is one that I will definitely be adding to my playlist.

Overall, I highly recommend this track to anyone that loves electronic music. It really is a great track that will have you up off your seat but at the same time could be thought-provoking. I believe that this will be another of MRP’s well-received releases and will help him to gain a larger following.

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