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Pentire - Water.

Published on 9 April 2021 at 00:28

Pentire - Water.


Release Date - 9th April 2021

Words - Dan Smith

A modern twist on early noughties landfill indie, Pentire's new track 'Water' will have you dancing round your bedroom at 1am (speaking from experience)

"Maybe it's in the water, maybe you're just a controlling freak." With lyrics like those, it's no surprise 'Water.' is bound to be Pentires best release to date. The bass backing the verses of this track is absolutely superb, complimenting the vocals which are sung with a real arrogance and confidence.

Sure to be a crowd bopper, I got real feels of The Wombats when listening to this cracker. Not only have Pentire released a fantastic song though, they are also donating all proceeds to the Marine Conservation Society.

A great song and a great cause - stream it below now!

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